Mario Novak

Over the past 8+ years, I've founded startups in the fields of Education and Sports,
led teams of up to ten people, worked for a product company, digital agency, and as a remote freelancer.

During my High School days, I've launched and managed web portals on the topics of Sports, Gaming, and IT,
worked as an IT reviewer for an established Croatian site,
competed at the National level in Algorithms,
and built an Operating System for 32-bit Computers.

Nowadays I'm focused on Architecting and Developing scalable Backend systems.

Feel free to check the information I featured below
and get in touch if you have any interesting challenges.


Web Development - Invest your time wisely version
Essay is geared towards beginners.
The goal is to nullify Fear of Missing Out, with respect to all the technologies out there,
and bring clarity and peace to the roadmap you will outline for yourself.

9 minute read
June 28th, 2020
Mastering the basics
Build as you learn
Plan and stick to your roadmap
Choosing your technology stack

The Essay got selected and featured by the Medium Curators
in the Programming topic, on July 2nd, 2020.
Thank you for reading and sharing.


Onetius - Slick and Powerful E-Learning Platform

Learn from others or start your own Courses with your friends or colleagues.
Create Teams to host closed-down Courses for your Company, Family or Friends.

Product Development
API Development (Laravel 5)
Frontend Development (backbone.js)

4900+ Members.
Press 1, Press 2, Press 3

Iron Heart Festival - Sports Competition, Platform for Athletes

Athletes compete for the title of "The most athletic individuals on the Planet".
Platform for Athletes hosts educational videos and training logs
and enables athletes to get drafted for the IHF finals.

Product Development
API Development (Laravel 5)

YouTube Channel has 7+ million views and 20k+ subscribers.
YouTube Channel, Aftermovie, Press


Habitus - Gamified Habit Tracker and Journal

Storing data only in your browser.

Healthiest version of you.

Create Habits (Good and Bad Impact Levels)
Add Activity to Habits (with Notes and Amount)
Sound Notifications for added Activity (Good and Bad Sounds)
Graphs for User and Habit Activity

Vue.js 2.6
TypeScript 3.8
Vuetify 2.2
Progressive Web App
GitHub Repo

Distoro OS - Operating System for x86 architecture

Uses FAT-12 filesystem, has working screen output, keyboard input,
exceptions, interrupts and allows for the usage of 4GB of RAM.

High School Project
Bootloader written in NASM
Kernel written in C



Software Developer
Architecting and Developing ERP systems for International Clients,
as well as building internal apps for the Company.
Laravel, Symfony


Web Developer
Building internal systems and public-facing apps
to support main operations of the Company.
Spring Boot
JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

Human Interaction

Web Developer
Working on Frontend and Backend projects for Brands mainly from the SEE region.
Angular 2, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
Node.js, Symfony


Systems Architecture


Architecting Event-Driven Systems.
TypeScript Nest.js
Kafka MongoDB Elasticsearch
GraphQL Vue.js


National Level, High School, 2011., Croatia.


Social media platforms, ERP systems and hobby projects.
Vuex Vuetify